In running a business, the marketing strategy for suppliers is the most important point. You could say a good marketing strategy is the key to the success of product sales. Therefore, the steps in making a marketing strategy are very important in order to maximize the performance of the business. However, the quality of the product also needs to be considered because it is an important point in the marketing. After you make sure your product is of good quality, create a good and effective marketing strategy so that the process can run dynamically and in a controlled manner.

To get greater profits, the right distribution strategy is needed to distribute goods or services to consumers. The following are the distribution methods that can be chosen by a business company to maximize profits. below are some strategies in marketing:

1. Intensive Distribution Strategy
Intensive distribution is a distribution strategy that places merchandise on many retailers or retailers and distributors in various places. This technique is very suitable for everyday products or basic needs that have high demand and consumption levels. Examples such as groceries, cigarettes, toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, detergent, and so on.

2. Selective Distribution Strategy
Selective distribution is a method of distribution that distributes goods or services in certain marketing areas by selecting only a few distributors or retailers in an area. Among distributors or retailers there will be a competition to win consumers by their respective methods, techniques and strategies. Examples of selective distribution channels are electronic products, motorized vehicle products, bicycles, clothing, books, and so on.

3. Exclusive Distribution Strategy
Exclusive distribution is to give the distribution rights of a product to only one distributor or retailer in an area. goods or services offered by this type of exclusive distribution are goods of high quality and price with a limited number of consumers. Examples of exclusive distributions are car shows, factory outlets, franchise restaurants, multi-level marketing products / passive income, mini markets, supermarkets, hypermarkets, and others.

4. Internet marketing strategy
Internet marketing can be one of the most effective marketing strategies. You can find out the tastes of your customers and the needs of your customers by placing your business on social networking sites. At present, buying and selling online is increasingly prevalent with the number of transactions increasing every year. This shows the tendency of how customers want to shop outside the store opening hours, avoid crowds, and be more privacy. The innovation space is also wide open on the internet.

5. Program Gathering Strategy
The gathering event is essentially to bind each other between customers and customers, between distributors and principals, and between distributors and customers. This event is quite accurate because with their invitation to this event they will usually be proud and valued. After this event is finished, usually they will talk a lot about their experience of gathering. If you get a door prize with a large enough value, the customer will tell a salesman to another company, so that the event becomes a moment that sometimes also arouses the curiosity of his competitors.

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